How an RFID system can enhance your security guard patrols

  An RFID Checkpoint system enables guards to log their movements around a site, providing security for the guard and peace of mind for the client. The reports generated can be tailored to suit the requirements of the site owner and the route tailored to focus on potential weak spots within the guarded premises.   What is an RFID Checkpoint System?   An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Checkpoint System, also known as a Diester, is a route monitoring device which …

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Veritech March 2019 Newsletter

    Welcome to the March 2019 edition of the Veritech Systems Newsletter. Every year is exceptional and very different in the life of the company and the year 2018 has produced a staggering 30% increase in turnover. Once again the directors Paul and Stuart would like to send a huge thank you to all of our clients for their loyalty and our staff including our security officers for their commitment and hardworking efforts during 2018 and this current year. …

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Make-A-Wish Jurassic Challenge Fundraiser

  Veritech’s very own credit controller, Joanna Oldridge, will be taking on the immense 58km Jurassic Coast Challenge in support of the Make-A-Wish foundation, a charity providing life changing wishes to children with critical illnesses. Having completed many challenges in the past, Jo’s undertaking a gruelling training schedule 5 days a week in order to prepare for the massive task ahead. In the past Jo’s raised money for Breast Cancer UK, but says: “I’m about to be a grandma and …

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5 Reasons why dummy CCTV cameras are bad for your business

dummy cctv

5 Reasons why dummy CCTV cameras are bad for your business   You may not know it, but a lot of CCTV cameras are simply not in use. The fact is that dummy CCTV cameras are bad for your business and some only act as a deterrence or even decoration. This may seem like a good idea but when you delve deeper the negatives outweigh the positives. The idea of using just a superficial appearance of something watching you to control behaviour …

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How to Choose the Right Security Company in 2019

How to Choose Security Company

Choosing the right security company   When choosing the right security company, it’s important to ensure they can provide immediate responses through an unbroken chain of communication from their own 24/7 monitoring control Centre and response engineers. This needs to be in conjunction with the right security, health and safety accreditations and appropriate licenses. This, combined with effective internal training procedures and flexible plans to suit your security requirements is the key to finding the right security company.   Security …

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The role of Private Security Firms in the eyes of the Police

manned guarding

The Role of Private Security Firms in the eyes of the Police

With police cuts being made country wide, it is as important as ever for companies and home owners to be on their A-game with security.

It is up to companies like us at Veritech to ensure that we are
providing the best security operatives and technology as possibly can. In times like these, it makes us
wonder what the relationship is between private security firms and the police. According to the SRI
(Security Research Initiative) 2017, 4 in 10 of the 1,000+ interviewed police officers believed that
security firms act as the eyes and ears of the police.
The role of Private Security Firms in the eyes of the Police
One police respondent who contributed to the SRI Report has stated that they believe security
personnel with thorough training and good CCTV capabilities play a great role in protecting the
public, as they are able to prevent minor incidents from escalating into serious ones and keep police
intervention at bay when possible. 79% of those who participated in the SRI Report agree that the
CCTV images private security firms are able to produce are essential to tackling crime, particularly
rural forces. The report is clear in stating that private security is believed to be of high importance at
festivals, major sporting events and during the night-time economy.
Following on from the recently updated UK Counter Terrorism Strategy, there is a greater expectation
on the private security industry to contribute to acting towards the 4ps; Prevent, Pursue, Protect and
Prepare. However, it must be recognised that the private security sector has already been doing a
fine job of preserving the safety of civilians and their private property as well as public property
through guarding and security technology. Whilst police cuts have made it difficult for there to be a
maintained presence, our guards and stewards have remained there.

How to Effectively Train Security Staff

security guard in training southampton

The first step in training security staff is a realistic plan. You might have a great plan in mind, but in order to achieve success, you need a budget to match. The costs of any relevant courses, training activities and or exercises must be tailored for each individual job.   Once the budget has been agreed and is out of mind, set out your work plan. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your training and how you are …

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UK Police Cyber Budget Boost

Government Announces £100m IT Boost for UK Police The UK government has pledged £100m to drive digital transformation in the police force, helping it tackle cybercrime and improve its controversial use of biometrics. The home secretary has already approved £70m of the Police Transformation Fund allocation to four projects. A National Enabling Programme will create a unified IT system across police forces to “deliver more joined-up working within and between forces,” while a Digital Policing Portfolio aims to create an …

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Tax evasion costs the UK Government over £30 billion a year!

A little common sense might go a long way?   I finally had time to read the majority of the new Criminal Finance Act introduced Last year. The entire act is very impressive and especially the subject of tax. Businesses must show more diligence when recruiting / employing staff by asking for UTR numbers. Tax evasion costs the UK Government over £30 billion a year!   A recent observation that blew me away with absolute respect, it is a foreign …

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Four in 10 police stations have closed in just four years

The number of police stations open to the public has almost halved in seven years, according to new figures. Nearly 400 front counters have been shut across England and Wales, a Freedom of Information request by the Mail on Sunday found. Figures from 31 out of 43 forces showed a fall from 901 open counters in 2010 to 510 as of March this year – a decrease of around 43 per cent. It comes amid political pressure on the Government …

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