Access Control System: The Choice For A Modern Business

access card access control system

Access Control Systems An important aspect to consider when running a business is that of security. For a building that has multiple people using it, an access control system is necessary to ensure that the right people are allowed in and everyone else is kept out. Access Control Systems are becoming increasingly high tech, as modern businesses increasingly turn to them to keep their premises secure. So, why are so many businesses embracing access control technology? An Access Control System …

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Keeping Your Construction Site Secure

construction sites security

The last thing any business wants when they’re trying to complete a building project is attacks from trespassers and vandals. Unfortunately, a site that’s unmanned is a likely target for criminals so it’s important to invest in the proper construction site security measures to keep your site safe and your project meeting its deadlines. CCTV CCTV surveillance is a great way to deter trespassers from setting foot on your construction site. A CCTV system from Hikvision is guaranteed to be …

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Why Cyber Security is Important for the Modern Business

a lock overlaid with code - cyber security

In 2017 physical security systems are not enough on their own. An increased reliance on computers and the internet means that cyber security is more important than ever. Maintaining a high level of cyber security is vital to protect sensitive information and details about your customers. There are a number of ways to protect your business’ information; cyber security doesn’t simply stop at installing anti-virus software and a firewall. This post will explore some of the methods you can use …

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5 CCTV enhancements that make security stronger.

CCTV in Southampton

Now we all know that CCTV in Southampton is everywhere. The council has a great network of cameras but in the security industry, it’s important to stay ahead. You can have as many CCTV cameras as you want but they are almost useless if they aren’t being used properly. So this week we thought we might keep everyone updated about our latest new developments here at Veritech. We wanted to use the blog to tell you all about the new CCTV set …

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Veritech security team foil 6 Kingston squatters.

security companies in Southampton

With over 20 thousands vacant properties arising over the last six months, squatting can be a serious problem. It could be even more problematic for a local business. If unwanted intruders successfully use ‘Squatters rights’ to gain legal residence at your property then, there’s not much you can do about it. It is, therefore,  a serious concern for security companies in Southampton. However, it’s not all bad news. Consider the great results from Veritech security response team last week when …

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5 Ways To Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime

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So by now, you will have heard all about the cyber- attack on the NHS computer system. You may think that cyber crime doesn’t affect you but as a security business in Southampton, we can tell you that criminals use a wide array of tactics to target your business. The same tactics used by international terrorism we might add. You might not be aware of the bigger picture with a potentially global threat to online security. We all know that computer …

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3 Reasons 2017 is Great For Security Companies in Southampton

security companies in southampton

3 Reasons 2017 is Great For Security Companies in Southampton Southampton business has grown over the last seven years. This means good times ahead for any security companies in Southampton. Thanks to recent changes across the country the security industry is going to be in demand. It is reported that construction industry growth is set to rise 1.3% in 2017 all over the UK.  This is due to an increased performance managing to shake off stock trade uncertainty post-Brexit. The industry growth is mainly …

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How Security Companies Can Protect Your Data If you work in a security company in Southampton, when you hear the term ‘data protection’ it can set off alarm bells. Some may think of ‘banks or stockbrokers, sweating over losing the names and addresses of customers. You may even read how online cyber thieves have stolen customer details from a mobile phone company. You might not even think this is a real security issue in the Southampton construction industry? You probably think …

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