5 CCTV enhancements that make security stronger.

Now we all know that CCTV in Southampton is everywhere. The council has a great network of cameras but in the security industry, it’s important to stay ahead. You can have as many CCTV cameras as you want but they are almost useless if they aren’t being used properly. So this week we thought we might keep everyone updated about our latest new developments here at Veritech. We wanted to use the blog to tell you all about the new CCTV set improvements we have brought in recently. It’s really going to help us get to grips with the ever going struggle of keeping crime at bay and protecting your business.

As you know everything we do revolves around to finding new ways to protect your businesses from criminal exploiting opportunities. CCTV in Southampton is a great start but more can be done.

So Here Are  5 New CCTV Improvements We’ve Made


1) New 4K Ultra HD cameras software

That’s right. Thanks to technology CCTV cameras can actually capture closer facial recognitions and provide much superior quality footage, likely leading to more successful criminal prosecution and once the word gets out deterrence. This means great things for any business with future potential crimes targets. We are now happy to say it’s standard issue for Veritech CCTV services.

2) Satellite surveillance.

Our CCTV system now has satellite communication ( also available via broadband). This means fast response with greater range backed by state of the art satellite technology. Coupled with the enhanced visual recognition software mentioned above, there aren’t many places our CCTVs can’t see.

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3) Faster service.

Did you know that your CCTV system can be installed within up to 24 hours? . . No?  . . .Well, maybe not everyone can do it that fast. It’s never been a problem for us.

4) Prices even cheaper

Yep. The CCTV security business is getting cheaper and you can get great prices for CCTV. Plus until the end of this month, we offer 10% off all installation.

5) It’s already working.

All of this latest digital tech enhancements are already working. Crime is being prevented everywhere. We can even tell you about how they are helping us in keeping criminals away from your business.

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