Alarm Systems are Vital For Your Business

It’s unfortunate, but crime in Hampshire is on the rise. Your Southampton business premises is particularly vulnerable after hours when no one else is around. From rural areas to urban areas, no property is completely safe from crime. As such, an alarm system can be an absolute life-saver for your business. Fortunately, there are a number of security solutions available that can suit the needs of any business.


Alarm systems augment dummy cameras

We’ve covered in detail why dummy cameras are an inadequate security solution for your business. Any criminal with any experience can tell the difference. While we would never advocate the use of dummy cameras, they can be augmented by using a wireless alarm. At least this way, if your dummy cameras don’t deter criminals, they will be immediately caught out by the alarm.

Motion sensitive alarms

A motion sensitive alarm system is an ideal way to protect your business at all hours of the day and night. Naturally you can’t be at your place of work all the time, but you need some kind of security system in place to protect your property. Motion sensitive alarms can help you to keep your business safe after hours, and also prevent unwanted guests in any vacant property you may own.

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Alarm systems Connect to the Police

A number of alarms can be set to contact the police immediately. These alarms are often completely silent, and simply send a signal to the police to come to the premises. This means that the intruders will likely be apprehended on the spot.

Alarms and CCTV Make A Great Combination

Alarms and CCTV are the ideal security system. CCTV allows you to capture the identity of those breaking into your property if the alarm isn’t enough to deter them. A clear CCTV image of a person committing a crime is ideal evidence if you need to press charges.

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Secure Businesses Have Lower Insurance Premiums

Investing in CCTV systems and alarms keeps your building safe, and as a result will keep your insurance premiums low. A one-time investment in security can save you a significant amount of money long term.
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