CCTV Is Essential For Small Business

If you’re running a small business, it’s vital that your premises are adequately secure and protected. Break-ins and theft can lead to a loss of revenue that many smaller businesses simply cannot afford. A good quality, properly installed CCTV system can prevent crimes and make prosecuting criminals a lot easier. Let’s take a look at the ways in which a CCTV system is essential for small businesses.


CCTV is Ideal for Crime Detection

CCTV is vital for proving people guilty, innocent or as accessories to a crime. The footage taken from your cameras will play a significant role in the evidence presented when bringing a criminal to justice. CCTV will help to identify perpetrators and capture footage of the event taking place.

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Crime Reduction

CCTV is also ideal for crime reduction. It acts as an incredible deterrent as criminals are far less likely to make a move on a building with CCTV for fear of being caught. As such, it is important that the general public is aware that your building has these security measures in place; criminals won’t be deterred if they don’t know that they’re being watched.

Protection for Staff and the General Public

CCTV is also ideal for ensuring the protection of your staff and customers from criminals. For staff and customers, feeling safe in your premises is extremely important. Customers are more likely to shop in a place where they feel secure. Staff are also more likely to have high morale if they feel like they’re protected from violent shoplifters and the threat of physical assault. Secure workers are productive workers.

Shop Management

In addition to preventing crime and identifying criminals, CCTV can serve another, more mundane purpose. CCTV can be set up to make staff aware of the arrival of delivery lorries or parcels. CCTV has a part to play in the management of a store.

What Should I look for in a CCTV System?

When purchasing and installing your CCTV system, there are a number of things to take into account. The bare essentials are:

At least one camera that is capable of providing quality images of everyone who enters the building.

You will need this camera to provide identifiable images of the person’s face, clothing, identifying characteristics etc. These should be placed by the main entrance and preferably by the till as well.

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High-Quality Video

Video recorded at a rate of at least 6 frames per second. Cameras in high-risk areas should provide video footage at a rate of at least 6 frames a second. Auxiliary cameras in less risky areas can provide footage at 2 frames per second.

Ensure that recorded footage is of similar quality to that of the live view

The video should have a minimal amount of compression and be recorded at its original size.

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