CCTV Improvements You Can Make To Boost Security

hikvision-ds-2cd2155fwd-i-1-600x600In 2017, CCTV security systems are everywhere. In fact, the United Kingdom is the country with the largest amount of surveillance in the world.  This is a statistic often trotted out when complaining about the latest government bills passed and a citizen’s right to privacy, however there’s no denying that the large network of CCTV cameras in operation should theoretically be keeping people safe. However, there are a number of CCTV improvements available that are really going to step up the fight against crime. After all, what’s the point in being the country with the most surveillance if we aren’t catching criminals as a result?

So what CCTV improvements can be made to your current set up?

Ultra 4K HD CCTV Improvements

We’ve all heard of Ultra 4K HD televisions, but your CCTV system can also benefit from the latest in HD technology. HD CCTV improvements allow you to capture perpetrators facial features far more clearly, while also providing footage in far better quality. This means that they act as far more successful deterrents, and also as much more impressive evidence if you choose to prosecute.

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PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras allow you to monitor large areas due to their impressively wide field of view. Thanks to their pan, tilt and zoom functionalities, they are also able to zero in effortlessly on a subject. This means that the criminal has little opportunity to escape.

Satellite Surveillance CCTV Improvements

We offer CCTV systems with satellite communication to ensure that we can offer faster response times in the case of an emergency. Coupling our satellite technology with state of the art Ultra 4K HD cameras ensures that our CCTV cameras offer a truly unparalleled field of view.

Ensuring CCTV Cameras are in the Correct Places

Finally, one of the simplest yet most effective CCTV improvements you can make is to ensure that your CCTV cameras are in effective places on your property. We have already covered that CCTV cameras require precise placements. However, it’s worth remembering to think about blind spots, wire placements, testing your system before use, and weatherproofing the camera itself.

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