CCTV installation: how to get the most from your system.

CCTV systems are great for increasing the security of your premises. However, CCTV installation is a more precise science than many people think. This post will discuss the best CCTV installation tips to ensure that your business is as protected as it can be.

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Blind Spots

It’s important to take note of where you place your CCTV cameras to ensure that you’re preventing blind spots. If your CCTV system has vulnerable points, criminals can still make their way into your business site unchecked. When undertaking a CCTV installation, you must take into account blind spots by measuring lines of sight and performing thorough risk assessment tests.

Wire Placements

Leaving CCTV cables exposed immediately renders your security system vulnerable. If a criminal can see and reach the wires, there is little to stop them from tampering with them. When installing outside CCTV, try to ensure that cables are either housed or concealed out of reach.

CCTV Installation Testing

Once your CCTV installation is complete, it is important to rigorously test your security system. This will alert you to the aforementioned blind spots, and also issues with image quality – no one wants to install a CCTV system just to find that the image is upside down when you get around to checking.


Weather is another factor to consider when conducting a CCTV installation. While many cameras are weatherproofed, areas of heavy shadow or strong glare from the sun will compromise your camera’s image quality. Consider opting for a Weatherproof Thermographic POE Camera if this seems like it may be a problem.

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