CCTV Installation: What You Need To Know

CCTV technology is incredible these days with quality HD facial recognition software and CCTV installation is difficult for some. CCTV with internet connectivity can instantly upload images to the main security database making short work of most criminal efforts. But only if you know where to place the CCTV camera.

In order to get the best from your CCTV system, you need to think where to place it first. This is the best way to get maximum security for your business. Installing CCTV cameras is relatively easy but there are a few things you need to consider beforehand. Making sure they are installed right is of vital importance to your business.

5 Tips For Quality CCTV Installation

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1) Look for blind spots

You can measure the line of sight of where you want to place your CCTV camera and eliminate any blind spots. By doing a thorough risk assessment on your premises you minimise the chance of professional criminals exploiting any security weaknesses and protect your business. Make sure you test it thoroughly as CCTV cameras often need concise placements for maximum range.

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2) Testing

Once you have things up and running test the system throughout. There are many reasons to get adequate sharp image intensity and also to check for the blind spots as mentioned above. It just makes sense to evaluate the performance of your system once you have done all the hard work to get the best results. Pan, tilt and zoom functions all need to be enabled for better visual quality.


3) Wires

Make sure your wiring is secure and tamper-proof. You don’t want criminals assuming you are using dummy cameras either as that can affect the health of your business in more ways than you can realise. Ideally a professionally installed camera is best as it won’t undermine your business, making it look like a shoddy operation. You don’t want customers and clients thinking you don’t know what you’re doing in regards to safety.


4) Weatherproof

It’s also important to consider geological aspects and areas in your premises that might be affected by weather. Quality image content can obviously be affected by sporadic weather trends so it would be smart to get to know consistent weather patterns in the region your business is located in. A Weatherproof thermographic PoE camera would thrive better also.

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5) Signs and Regulations

One you have CCTV displayed at your business, you need to declare it for legal purposes. Signposting is a great way to permanently communicate this but also will help deter some low-level opportunist amateur criminals. You also need to adhere to certain guidelines under the Data Protection Act.

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