How CCTV in Southampton Protects Your Customers

It might not be well known to many but Southampton city council has over 300 CCTVs that are manned 24 hours a day.  All operate covering the parks, streets and most in between. This is a great ongoing effort from the local council but sadly over the last few months, we have heard about cuts to Police funding on a national scale. It is also difficult to criticise the continued efforts and hard work of our fine law enforcement community but the figures on funding are simply not adding up. Now with reports of rising crime across the country, it’s not always possible to rely on local authorities to protect your business.

This paints quite a worrying picture but not all is lost because at Veritech we can show you how to take full advantage of CCTV system when protecting your business.

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1) Staff Protection.

The extra layer of security that CCTV provides on your business premises means your employees can feel safe at work. This obviously improves staff morale and performance but it also deters any criminal activity directed specifically at your staff. In customer-facing roles, it can even serve to deter aggressive customers from intimidating your staff.

CCTV in Southampton

2)   Legal Prosecution.

If such unpleasant incidents occur then CCTV footage can serve as vital evidence for legal prosecution. It also works the same way for safeguarding stock at high-risk times for your business. This will help keep insurance premiums down. Heightened security efforts on your business premises are going to make insurance applications stronger too. We would also warn people about installing ‘dummy CCTV cameras’ for trying to deter criminals. 

3) Prevent in store theft.

This can be more trouble than it’s worth for an employer. Basically, after an in-store theft, if an employee suffers a direct loss they could rely on the CCTV footage for personal insurance claims. When the dummy CCTV camera is revealed to be bogus, the employee could theoretically sue the business owner for false intentions. Dummy cameras simply don't work.

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4)  Peace of mind.

If a customer doesn’t feel intimidated in your store, then they are likely to be more relaxed.  A more relaxed customer means one who is more likely to take their time, therefore more likely to make a purchase decision. This additional level of safety can benefit your business.

CCTV in Southampton

5) Reduce the risk of vandalism.

You can't always be at your business but CCTV cameras can. The added annoyance of vandalism in unsocial hours when you are away from your business is costly. Now an extra pair of eyes will reduce this risk by deterring any vandals, as long as the cameras are placed carefully. CCTV cameras need concise placements.

6) It’s cheap.

This is the thing, most people think security cameras are expensive but in an ever competitive market CCTV systems are not only getting cheaper but easier to install.

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