Advice on Dummy Cameras from Southampton Security Company

If you’re a business that’s looking to deter criminals away from your property, you may be tempted to opt for a dummy security camera. Dummy cameras look great on paper; they look reasonably convincing and can be housed in an authentic CCTV casing. However, this leading Southampton security company is here to tell you why you should never opt for a fake version of the real thing.

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Not realistic enough

Unfortunately, criminals typically know what to look for. Your more hardened criminals will be aware of which cameras actually work and won’t be stopped by a fake. Ask any security company – they’ll tell you that most criminals have years of experience in trying not to get caught. This means that they’ve done their homework.

No Proof

Installing a dummy CCTV camera assumes that criminals will be deterred by its very presence. Unfortunately, for more desperate law-breakers, this is unlikely. Once your property has been breeched, you’ll have no way of finding out who the perpetrators are. Furthermore, if word gets around that your cameras are fake, there’s absolutely nothing to stop criminals from breaking in. No security company will advise installing dummy cameras instead of CCTV.

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Cost Saving?

Ultimately, once you weigh up the relatively minor savings accrued by not using real CCTV cameras versus the amount that can be lost if your business premises are broken into and your valuables are lost, you will see that the savings aren’t worth it. Contact your security company today to find out more about proper CCTV solutions that won’t break the bank but will leave you protected in case of a burglary.

Legal ramifications

While relatively unlikely, the use of dummy cameras can have ramifications for you rather than the criminals you were trying to deter. There have been a number of cases in which the business owner has been sued for using dummy cameras, as people within the property were led to believe that they were real.

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