Dummy Cameras VS Genuine CCTV: Pros and Cons

Dummy Cameras VS Genuine CCTV: Pros and Cons


Unfortunately, we live in a society where crime is on the increase. You might be tempted to install dummy cameras around your business in an attempt to deter criminals from entering the premises. However, it’s important not to underestimate the tenacity of criminals, and to protect your business properly. This post will discuss why real cameras will always be more effective than the dummy alternative.

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False Sense of Security

No one wants to think that a member of their staff could be capable of committing theft. However, it can be a sad reality of running a business. If your staff members are aware that you’re relying on dummy cameras, they know they’re not under surveillance and might take advantage of this.

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Obvious to the Trained Eye

Criminals typically know what they’re doing and will be able to tell a dummy camera from the real thing. Dummy cameras typically have a blinking red light, a single cable and move arbitrarily from left to right to give the impression of surveillance.

While it might cost you more money in the short term, a genuine CCTV system actually has the potential to deter criminals. This means that you’ll potentially save money in the long term by ensuring that your building is not broken into.

Dummy Cameras Cannot be used as evidence

One of the best features of CCTV cameras is that you can use them as evidence in the case of criminal activity on your property. If you rely on a dummy camera system, there is no possibility of capturing the perpetrator’s face on camera and identifying the person responsible. This means that the police will have a harder time following up on the case and might not be able to apprehend the suspect.

Questionable legality

Dummy cameras are also capable of landing you in hot water legally, rather than the criminals you intend to stop. Say for example your employee, who is unaware that the camera is fake, leaves their vehicle in plain view of the camera for safety, but ultimately the vehicle gets stolen. If the employee asks you for the video footage of the crime taking place, you won’t be able to give them anything. It’s possible in this case that you could end up with a lawsuit on your hands. Check out this post about the legal ramifications of using Dummy Cameras.

Ultimately, other than the short-term financial benefits of installing a dummy camera system, you will experience no tangible benefits to using a dummy camera over real CCTV. Dummy cameras carry implications and often it is best to spend a little more money to truly protect your business and your employees.

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