Vacant Property: How To Keep It Secure

A vacant property can, unfortunately, often be a target for unwanted visitors. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to secure your property until it’s ready to be used again. Here are some of the best methods for securing a vacant property.

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Perimeter Security

Perimeter security can refer to physical barriers to stop people from getting onto your vacant property, or more modern, electronic barriers. Electronic methods mean that intruders will set off an alarm once they trespass onto the property so that security teams or police are notified and can quickly deal with the situation.

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Chipboard and Ply

Chipboard and ply can be used to board up windows and doors on a vacant property. You’ve probably seen boarded up buildings before. Chipboard and ply are used to make it more difficult for intruders to get into the building via broken windows or open doors.

Steel Sheets

Galvanised steel sheets are the next progression from chipboard and ply. Naturally, steel sheets are stronger and harder to pry off than their chipboard cousins. At Veritech, all of our steel sheets are secured with security screws which can only be removed by our team of specialists. This makes it a lot harder for intruders to gain access to your vacant property.

Mobile Patrols

Regular mobile patrols are a great way to keep unwanted visitors off of your property. Travelling either by foot or by car, mobile patrols can survey areas that might not be covered by CCTV, and deal with intruders quickly and efficiently before a situation has a chance to escalate. They also act as an incredible deterrent, as intruders are less likely to make their way onto a vacant lot if they know that mobile patrols are active in the area.

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Vacant Property CCTV

Another great criminal deterrent, CCTV is a great addition to your vacant property. If intruders do trespass on your land, CCTV allows you the opportunity to catch those responsible for the act and count as evidence if you decide to prosecute in the future. Ensure, however, that you are using actual CCTV cameras rather than dummy cameras – dummy cameras are nowhere near as effective.

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