Mobile Patrols can Save Your Business Time and Money

Unlike alarms or security cameras, mobile patrols offer a physical presence, making them great at deterring potential criminals. In this post, we discuss the advantages of mobile patrols and how they can save your business money and time. In 2017, we have seen the largest annual increase in crime in a decade – there has never been a better time to invest in the proper security for your business.

mobile patrols

Incredibly Flexible Security

One of the key features of these patrols is how quickly and frequently they can be changed to suit your convenience. Mobile patrols without strict routines and patterns help to deter criminals, as they cannot plan their trespassing to suit a time when the guards will not be around. If criminals are unable to plan their activities around the routines of security guards, it makes it much more difficult for them to trespass and most will not take the risk.

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Mobile Patrols Let You Keep an Eye on An Area

Ideal for the business owner with a number of properties, mobile patrols will offer protection to an entire area. As a business owner, you can team up with other nearby business owners to ensure that everyone’s buildings are protected.

Move Quickly

By combining patrols, alarms, cameras and other security measures, you can ensure an immediate and comprehensive response to any emergency. Guards can move either by foot or by car, meaning that they will arrive at an emergency situation in time to catch the people involved and stop the situation from escalating further.

A Range of Checks

Unlike cameras or alarms, mobile patrols are not limited to their senses. Guards are able to carry out a range of checks, ensuring that everything is locked up properly, and patrolling areas that cannot be reached by CCTV systems alone.

Deter Future Crimes

Mobile patrols are highly effective at deterring any future crimes. The continued presence of trained security guards on a premises makes it unlikely that criminals will try to trespass. Manned security guards will not just respond to emergencies, they will prevent them from happening.


Guards patrolling your buildings means that you’re unlikely to incur surprise costs as a result of vandalism and theft. Also, as mobile patrols are so flexible, you can tailor your security guards to suit your business’ budget.

Community Spirit

As mobile patrols consist of human beings, a physical security presence will likely make your neighbours feel secure as well. Therefore, a manned security presence can benefit not just your business but the wider community as well.


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