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November 7, 2017

Secure Your Vacant Property in Southampton

Southampton Vacant Property Security

Unfortunately, Southampton has its fair share of criminals. Theft and vandalism are rife in the area, and these can be major setbacks for a business. Securing your vacant property in Southampton is vital to ensure that you’re protected against break-ins, vandalism and theft. Find out more about securing your vacant property in Southampton.

vacant property in southampon

Securing windows and doors

At Veritech we offer a number of solutions for securing your vacant property in Southampton. Windows and doors can be boarded up with chipboard and ply to prevent potential thieves from smashing a window and getting into the premises. We also offer galvanised steel, which is naturally much stronger than chipboard and ply and offers a much stronger security solution.

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CCTV security for your vacant property in Southampton

Investing in CCTV for your vacant property is an ideal way to keep track of people trying to access your building. With wireless CCTV technology, you can check on your vacant property in Southampton from anywhere in the world, just using your phone. If the CCTV system is coupled with an alarm, any unwanted guests will likely be deterred. For the more tenacious criminal who breaks in regardless, the CCTV footage will act as evidence if you decide to prosecute.

Nightly mobile patrols for your vacant property in Southampton

A human presence is one of the most effective deterrents for would-be criminals. Mobile patrols can patrol parts of your vacant property in Southampton that CCTV cameras can’t see. In addition to this, mobile patrol guards are experts in diffusing situations before they have a chance to escalate. This means that they’ll be able to keep your building safe from intruders and save you time and money.

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