How Security Companies Can Protect Your Data

If you work in a security company in Southampton, when you hear the term ‘data protection’ it can set off alarm bells. Some may think of ‘banks or stockbrokers, sweating over losing the names and addresses of customers. You may even read how online cyber thieves have stolen customer details from a mobile phone company. You might not even think this is a real security issue in the Southampton construction industry? You probably think you only have to worry about guarding warehouses and building sites, making sure supplies and tools are not stolen. You might choose to focus on a threat that is something simple, something that you can see in front of you?

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Well, data protection is something that affects every business these days. The rise of cybercrime and confidential details is big business for some and even the construction industry is now involved. The details of construction industry workers have been of interest to certain parties for a while now. So it is definitely in your interest to safeguard confidential data of all kinds. Did you know that 1 in 6 construction companies have been affected by cyber crime? Now the construction industry is waking up to the benefits of being I.T. savvy in general. New ways of protecting your business against cyber criminals will become more and more important.


The 5 Best Ways to Protect Confidential Data


1) Protect Passwords

Don't write passwords down on your hand or anywhere they can be seen. That’s just pointless. If you do have to write them on a slip of paper then conceal it as best as possible. The actual password you choose should also be clever too. Don't use something obvious that is known about you like a family member or pet. Try and add some random letters to it as well, something important to you but not something like a birthday. Think of it this way, if a complete stranger can guess your password by looking at your wallet or desk then it's no good.

2) Paper storage

The world may be run by electronic data now but there are some circumstances where many businesses still have to keep files in paper format. In some industries, regulations require that all raw data be kept for a minimum of 3 years. So think about places like safes, fireproof locked cabinets or even secret drawers. As a long time serving security company in Southampton we know it is important to make sure that protocols are set in place. So keep keys hidden and have a backup in case one is lost in an emergency. A good keyholding service is vital in these days of identity theft.

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3) Detachable media

A desktop or laptop computer is as much a liability as an unguarded safe if someone has the expertise to get access to confidential data. A lot of businesses store their data in detachable hard drives or USB sticks that can be carried from location to location. These can be encrypted but also need to be stored safely. The same principles apply to paper storage as these devices can probably be compromised but only if they are obtained.

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4) Locking computer screens

Many high profile company offices always make sure employees lock their computer screens when not in use. Even if you need a swipe card to get into the building. This is because people called tailgaters often gain access to a building by following people in to obtain confidential data for the sole aim of identity fraud. You can also set your computer to lock out automatically if someone is away from their desk for a set amount of time i.e. a break or lunch where they have forgotten to lock out. It is important for security personnel to be aware of this fact as well.

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5) Data Destruction

The job of protecting confidential data isn’t over when you are ready to dispose of it. Far from it in fact. The retaining and securing of data is one thing but destroying it is a different thing altogether. There are many ways of safely destroying confidential data from shredding it down to secure bin disposal services. The main thing is to act cautiously because any sensitive information should not be in a position where it can be obtained so easily.


The urgent truth of the matter is that every security company should be alert to the importance of keeping your online security tight.

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