5 Ways To Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime

So by now, you will have heard all about the cyber- attack on the NHS computer system. You may think that cyber crime doesn’t affect you but as a security business in Southampton, we can tell you that criminals use a wide array of tactics to target your business. The same tactics used by international terrorism we might add.

You might not be aware of the bigger picture with a potentially global threat to online security. We all know that computer viruses are an ongoing issue but the recent malicious use of ransomware by cyber-criminals is spreading and could affect all of us the BBC reports. There are ways to protect your customers and the sensitive data about them that your business retains. 

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The truth is even the most low-tech business can be affected by such an incident. We all use the internet every day and the modern business world relies on it. There are even well-known links between cyber crime and terrorism that make the scale of all this absolutely huge. Many cyber criminals go to any lengths to obtain personal data for the sole purpose of committing online fraud.


5 Ways to prevent cyber criminals targeting  your business


1 ) Email phishing

This is when fraudsters try to trick unsuspecting people into supplying sensitive information for their own financial benefit. Sometimes the attempts are so brazen with impressively professional-looking emails, that deliver your financial information straight into their hands. As a general rule, you should never provide passwords or bank details to external links you simply don’t trust. Even banks and HMRC don’t send emails to obtain financial payments so question the source of every email.

2) Access Control

If the online attempts fail, criminals may try less sophisticated attempts. For instance, tailgating is when unidentified strangers enter your business premises. It is a huge security concern. Most identity fraud begins with criminals obtaining personal and confidential data. This can be surprisingly obvious with strangers simply entering your building to steal information written down or from a computer. The easiest way to deal with this is having access control on your carpark or entrances.

3) Manned securitycyber security in Southampton

With access control, it will go without saying you need staff personnel to monitor the regular use (or misuse of such a system). It is also wise to have a person on reception checking the flow of employees clocking in, watching for any suspicious tailgating activity. Most of the time intruders can be stopped with rigid, proactive security surveillance.

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4)   CCTV

In the unfortunate event that an intruder infiltrates your building and obtains sensitive information, then you might think it’s too late to prevent this. However, with decent CCTV coverage, you can monitor tailgating and hopefully identify the perpetrator for potential prosecution.      

5) Out of hours

If your business holds sensitive information, it’s likely to be of interest to someone. This can mean intruders breaking into your building late in the evening or in the early hours of the morning. There are several options available when protecting your business premises in unsocial hours. You can try installing motion detectors or even a wireless alarm system. 

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