6 Ways Security Guards Your Countryside Business

6 Ways Security Guards Your Countryside Business

In Britain alone, crime leaves 17k victims with overall costs exceeding £800 million. 39% of people living in the countryside living in fear of being targeted. Decent security guards your business when there are no other alternatives. Recently it was reported there has been a surge of crime in rural areas. As a security business in Southampton, we understand the need to protect your business at any cost. In the countryside, the threat is real, about four times more real that elsewhere.

With the nearest Police or law enforcement support miles away, it’s no wonder some would feel frustrated and defenceless in abandoned communities. So how do we tackle the problem and address or deter crime ourselves?

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We at Veritech don’t like to see any calls for help unanswered so we have decided to share our advice with you. Due to their very nature, trusting and unsuspecting communities are unfairly exploited by criminals. It needs to stop, so let’s learn how:

6 Ways To Protect Your Business in the Countryside

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1) Safeguarding your home

There are all sort of ways to protect your home from crime, especially in a rural area where your home and your business could be the same. There are many tips from the obvious like security cameras to more subtle means.

2) Destroying your confidential data

Investing in a small paper shredder is a good way of keeping your confidential personal details from the unwanted hands of criminals. Always keep anything containing personal details stored away safely to dispose of when you get the chance. You wouldn’t believe how much identify fraud can cost the average individual in this day and age. Don’t be a victim.

3) Guarding the perimeter

With your business miles away from the nearest police station, it’s likely criminals will strike and exploit the distance. Why not consider a regular on-the-spot presence from human security guards. They can detect any patterns or unusual behaviour that may occur in the area. They can also prevent crime far more effectively in pursuit.

4) Key Holding

Key holding is an absolute must for the business owner who is out of the area. It is always good to have a backup in case your business needs attention whilst you are away. Keyholders can also be there at your premises anytime you need them.

5) Access Control

For the business that has lots coming and going on your premises an access control system is ideal. It’s also a great way of equipping your existing security staff with the latest tools to carry out their jobs.

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Using cameras can seem a bit much but technology has moved so fast these days. Now anyone can afford a small CCTV camera system for less than the cost of your electricity bill.

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