Veritech security team foil 6 Kingston squatters.

With over 20 thousands vacant properties arising over the last six months, squatting can be a serious problem. It could be even more problematic for a local business. If unwanted intruders successfully use ‘Squatters rights’ to gain legal residence at your property then, there’s not much you can do about it. It is, therefore,  a serious concern for security companies in Southampton.

However, it’s not all bad news. Consider the great results from Veritech security response team last week when they foiled an organised attempt to invade a vacant but privately owned property in the Kingston area.

Thanks to the excellent use of wireless solar perimeter alarms, the Veritech team were able to spot multiple zone activations from the intruders who thought they had the upper hand. Unfortunately for them, the professionally trained and highly alert security staff at Veritech really did their homework, thwarting them at every turn.

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The Incident Report

A Veritech staff report confirmed the concise and highly professional protocol that was key to the success of the operation:

“We had multiple zone activations on a void property that we look after. Following the pattern of activations, we were able to distinguish rough figures of a number of people that were on site and were able to track their moves. The response was dispatched immediately and the Police were called on a 999. Response and police arrived on site at the same time and found that the intruders had fitted their own padlock and chains around the site gates. Our drivers cut the new locks off to gain entry and found a notice of intent to squat. “

 The cheeky intruders even made a last chance attempt to take control of the property by leaving a notice of intent to squat but the High Court bailiffs advised that the section notice did not apply in these circumstances, probably due to the professional protocol the Veritech staff conducted themselves with. This left the Veritech response team free to retain the property. The intruders were escorted off site and Veritech immediately set about securing the property with excellent security guard techniques.

An excellent result from the team in what is likely to be a challenging situation for most. According to director Paul Oldridge, the Veritech team deter several attempts a month using remote voice systems. So it’s not the first time. 

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