3 Reasons 2017 is Great For Security Companies in Southampton

3 Reasons 2017 is Great For Security Companies in Southampton

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Southampton business has grown over the last seven years. This means good times ahead for any security companies in Southampton. Thanks to recent changes across the country the security industry is going to be in demand. It is reported that construction industry growth is set to rise 1.3% in 2017 all over the UK.  This is due to an increased performance managing to shake off stock trade uncertainty post-Brexit. The industry growth is mainly due to high-profile projects in the water & sewerage, electricity and rail sub-sectors. Companies such as the Thames Tideway Tunnel, Hinkley Point C and HS2 are involved so far. 

This means increased supply and demand for materials, products and jobs across the construction industry. Security businesses will be required to protect these ventures everywhere.

3 Reasons Why the Construction Industry is Growing

1) Government Spending

Last year the government announced a new £300 billion national construction project. It is part of a series of large planned projects and programmes.  Even Transport for London is considering a £3.6 billion upgrade to improve its railway systems.  So it stands to reason that any growth on such a scale will require vast and wide reaching construction sites along the south coast.  They will need heightened security presence to protect them. As Southampton is a major south coast dock all the materials coming through will need guarding. 

security business in southampton

2) Construction Industry Materials

The cost of construction materials are set to rise after 7 years of flat growth. This will affect businesses everywhere and mean investing in more security. This means a lot of sites will need a physical presence to ensure no further losses in abandoned projects or losing missing materials.


3) Modular Construction Boom

Or prefab, as it called is on the rise and is seen by some to dominate the industry and will need monitoring. This latest trend in DIY construction may sound bad for the builder but it will lead to a stronger requirement for guarding overnight in locations across the country. 


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