4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Access Control Security

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Access Control Security


Access Control Security

Everything is wireless these days so why should the alarm system for your business be any different? Your business needs access control security because it deserves protection in these uncertain times. Now with the help of wireless technology, you are protected in better ways than your old wired system ever could.

Let’s say that your business is broken into? Were you away from the office? Out of the country on a trip? Was there anyone else that could’ve been present on your behalf? As the sole business owner, you are responsible for taking care of things and you also have to consider the safety and welfare of your employees. Your old reliable system has served you faithfully up until now but times are always changing. Criminals are getting smarter and more ruthless. It may be time for a security system upgrade and with so much on offer in the market, it’s time you know a few facts about wireless technology.


4 Things That You may Not Know About Access Control


1) Bio-Metric Turnstiles

This is a crime deterrent on a whole new level. No more ticket checks or loss of employee hours wasted on menial tasks all day. Now you can have your permanent security boundaries set up and leave your trained staff to do something more productive, for themselves and your business.

2) RFID Systems

RFID systems use radio frequency identification to keep your security up to date. How many times have you caught yourself leaving the office, halfway down the road and then start second guessing yourself? Did you lock the office door? Did you shut the building correctly or not? With an access control security system, you can let multiple people come and go through your business premises, by simply issuing access cards that work on proximity. No need to worry about it any longer. It also provides an extra level of security and helps contingency planning.

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3) ANPR Systems

ANPR stands for Automatic Numberplate Recognition and it saves your business extra staff hours on permanent car park perimeter checks. Now visitors and employees alike can get in or out with as little fuss as possible. By simply driving up to the barrier and getting the car license plate scanned, you already have a means of keeping your car park in order with a traceable audit trail.

4) It’s Perfect for your growing business.

An access control security system is well suited for the smaller business because they are convenient, self-sufficient and can be extended to suit the growing business model. In fact, as a small business, the only thing you need be alarmed about, is just how little they cost.

Does it sound better for a small business? Do you agree with this blog? Find our nearest office to you and let us know what you think or drop us a line. We always like to hear from you guys!

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