CCTV Vs Security Guards: What is Best for Your Business?

CCTV Vs Security Guards: What is Best for Your Business?

Currently, Southampton’s CCTV centre is staffed 24/7 all year around. It has over 300 cameras, covering car parks and public spaces in the city and surrounding districts. It is estimated that Police review an average of 100 CCTV videos a month. Currently, there are between 4 million and 5.9 million CCTV surveillance cameras in the UK according to a report from the British Security Industry Association (BSIA). Over three years ago there was 1 surveillance camera for every 11 people in Britain. A few years before that it was 1 for every 32 people. That’s an increase of over 70% in only two years. The rising trends suggest it could be 1 camera for every person by now.

Human security guards can protect your business

Yet crime is still a serious problem everywhere you look. With even more government cuts to come, CCTV is becoming even more crucial. However, you still need the security staff to monitor the cameras and intervene when crime strikes. If you are a small business owner and barely have the staff to do the admin, you can’t expect them to do everything. You certainly can’t expect them to challenge intruders or confront criminals. Did you know that 85% of Hampshire county alone is rural? It’s also an easy target for a recent rise in crime. So how do you protect your business out in the British countryside with little to no CCTV? ITV news reported only last month that Police suggest a lack of CCTV in rural areas makes it difficult to prevent crime. You can protect your business in other ways to guarantee the security of your business such as Mobile Patrols or even a regular security guards where necessary. Think about having personalised security services at your disposal. Regular patrols of your property are still one of the most effective techniques in the security industry.

So what is better for your business? CCTV cameras or security guards on patrol?


The Top 4 benefits of using security patrol guards


1) Flexibility.

Every business requires a professional security service that can offer both a flexible and robust service. This meets the needs of your own unique business circumstances. Think about enquiring into tailored security solutions best suited for your business site or property.

2) Regular surveillance

With patrols from every hour at least one of our security guards can provide an ongoing human response. Often it is manned security intervention that can make the difference between CCTV recorded incidents and theft.

Find out more about mobile patrols

3) Constant attention

During a fully manned human patrol, you can be assured of undedicated attention during important visits. Watching live CCTV as incidents happen is no substitute for proactive, trained and experienced human security guard interaction

4) Securing the perimeter

You often hear the phrase but it’s one of the oldest and most successful military manoeuvres. Guarding the perimeter of your premises with human surveillance is always the quickest way to cover wide locations for the possibility of pursuit. Decent perimeter security will be checked and maintained by a human presence during vacant hours in case anyone is watching. This keeps the window open to prevent any unsuspected criminal strikes. More often than not it’s the most experienced security guards that invoke this tactic as well. There is simply no replacement for human experience in the security industry.

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