Benefits of Manned Guarding from a Security Company

Opting for manned guarding from your security company offers a number of benefits for your company. Security Guarding offers a greater level of security than CCTV cameras alone, as well as other un-manned/remote security options. Manned guarding allows your security company to protect your business’ premises against vandalism, theft, damage and unauthorised access. The human presence also protects staff and individuals against potential assault and injury from unauthorised persons.

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The type of manned guarding you ask for from a security company will depend on what type of business you’re running. Retail outlets, pubs and cafés, for example, might require a customer-facing security presence to ensure that your staff are kept safe and that nothing is stolen. This differs from a construction site, which may require security guards to patrol at night to ensure that nothing is stolen or damaged. Regardless of the type of guarding you require, manned guarding provides a great benefit to businesses and organisations of all types.

A Security Company’s Guards Will Be Trained in De-Escalation

A security company will train guards to spot a potentially troubling situation before it really has time to escalate. This is why it’s best to pick a security company that’s local to the area; if your business premises are in Southampton, for example, it’s best to pick a security company also based in Southampton as their guards will have a great wealth of knowledge about the local area and which spots are prime for trouble. They will also be able to advise you about any additional security measures you should opt for in order to keep your property adequately protected. A local security company will also be able to get to you at short notice.

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Increases in Security

It almost goes without saying that manned guarding at your place of business will tighten up security significantly. The human presence at the location will deter potential vandals and thieves from trespassing on your property. It will also improve the security of the surrounding area as well; criminals are much less likely to engage in illegal activity in an area with a known security presence. What works for your business will also benefit the entire area you’re based in.

Random Visits Deter Criminals

To build on the previous point, manned guarding can either be a permanent arrangement or take place at random times. Random timing is beneficial for your business as criminals won’t be able to keep track of the security schedule and move in at a time that they know the location will be unguarded. Ultimately, you will need to discuss with the security company and work out what kind of security presence is necessary for your business.

Security Survey from your Security Company

When you opt for manned guarding, a good security company will carry out a complete site security survey to ensure that there aren’t glaring holes in your site’s security. You can ensure that they give you a list of scheduled visits and tasks so that you know exactly what’s included.If you’re interested in opting for manned guarding or would like more information about any other methods of security, get in touch today! We offer a free site survey in order to let you know exactly what needs to be done to get your property adequately secured.

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