Key Holding Services Could Save Your Business

Key holding is when a business allows a security company the keys to its premises. This means that if the alarm sounds or there’s an emergency of any kind, out-of-hours, a licensed security company will be on hand to deal with the problem quickly before it has a chance to escalate. We’ve compiled some of the benefits of using key holding services to protect your business.

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Key holding is incredibly cost-effective. Compared to having manned security staff on-site out of hours and when you’re away, key holding is extremely affordable.  You can ensure that your business can immediately be accessed by a team of security professionals, without having to pay for on-site security.

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Fast response even when you’re away

As the keys are kept in an agreed upon location and the security company are given the codes, your business can be kept secure even if you’re away. Imagine, for example, you’re on holiday and there’s an emergency at your place of work. The worst case scenario would mean cutting your holiday short to go and deal with the security issue. When you opt for key holding, security companies can take care of your building when you’re not on the premises, so you can take a much-needed break.

Situation-handling courtesy of the experts

If there’s an emergency at your business site – a break in or a theft, for example – a security team knows how to deal with the threat. This means that you’re obviating the risk that comes with yourself or an employee trying to handle this kind of issue.

False alarms

False alarms can be a highly irritating and inconvenient issue to deal with – especially after hours! As the security team will respond to the alarm being triggered, future false alarms won’t be detrimental to you.

Key Holding Services For Your Peace of Mind

Finally, maybe most importantly, key holding services offers incredible peace of mind for you and your employees. Feeling safe and secure offers a huge increase in morale for your staff. When you opt for a key holding service, you are assuring your customers that if the alarm is triggered or there’s a burglary, a security company is on hand to deal with the situation.

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