Security Company: What Can I Expect?

When you’re looking for a security company in Southampton, you might wonder what services you will be offered. At Veritech, we have a range of services to suit the needs of any business. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the range of security solutions our security company in Southampton has to offer.

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Manned Guarding

Your security company will be able to offer manned guarding. At Veritech, we provide human guards and dog handlers to protect your construction site or business premises. These guards provide hourly security inspections and perimeter security inspections. The human presence means that criminals will be deterred from breaking into your property.

CCTV & Alarm Systems from your Security Company

CCTV security systems are an ideal way to deter criminals from entering your premises. Placing your CCTV cameras in plain sight means that most criminals are likely to avoid breaking into your property. More tenacious criminals that choose to break in or vandalise your property regardless, will be faced with concrete evidence in the form of video footage, should you choose to prosecute. CCTV works especially well when coupled with alarm systems. We offer silent alarms that, when triggered, do not alert the criminals, but do alert your security company and the police.

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Access Control

A valuable resource that your security company should offer is access control. We install our high-tech access control systems, and maintain them regularly to ensure that they are working at their best. This ensures that only those that you want to access your property will be able to enter.

Your security company will take care of your Vacant Property

Vacant properties can act as a magnet for criminals of all kinds. This means that by the time that you wish to use the property again, it’s been vandalised or items have been taken. Vacant property security from Veritech includes the boarding of windows, nightly guards patrols and CCTV security to ensure that your property is in great condition when you need to use it again.

Why Choose Veritech for your Security Company?

At Veritech, we offer all of these security solutions, and more. We also offer key holding services, maritime security, mobile patrols and a free site survey. For more information about our security solutions, get in touch.

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