Veritech security stop two men during attempted burglary

securitySecurity patrol drivers from Veritech came in close contact with burglars in the early hours of this morning.

Upon driving past a decommissioned site at the end of the night, two security specialists noticed suspicious activities happening on an old site manned by Veritech.

The patrollers investigated the site, by initially checking the perimeter security. During their inspection, six TVs were found stacked down the side of the site.

Within minutes the patrollers spotted two males exiting the rear of the site. Realising they had been seen, they ran towards a white Nissan van and left the site in a hurry.

One patroller says he pointed his flashlight at the driver, which startled him as he fled the scene.

The security patrollers stayed at the site until the owner and police arrived. No belongings or materials were stolen during the break-in. However, severe damage was inflicted to the brand new triple glazed windows.

A spokesman for Veritech said, “Veritech Systems gives a huge thank you to our patrol driver and are proud that even once a contract is ended we are still able to keep a fleeting eye on the sites until fully handed over to ensure that we are able to look after our clients to the highest possible standards.”

If you have been affected by a burglary or have noticed suspicious activity happening around your property/site call us on 02380 000 400

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