Mobile Patrols

With mobile controls, your property or construction site maintains a manned presence during vacant hours.

Veritech can provide scheduled and random visits to ensure the perimeter security level is high, all access points are secured and to provide a presence to anyone that may be watching.

What we offer

  • Tailored security solutions designed for your site or property
  • Up to an hour patrol by one of our security guards
  • Full patrols during visits
  • Perimeter security will be checked and maintained
  • A manned presence during vacant hours, in case anyone is watching.
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mobile patrols

At Veritech we pride ourselves on providing a variety of benefits with all Mobile Patrols and Alarm Responses

Mobile Patrol Security Guard Quotation

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Detailed call out reports on all findings


Back-up from additional officers

Pro-active security profiling

Speak with one of our security specialists to secure your property or site with mobile controls.

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