Infra-Red Perimeter Detection Systems

Veritech installs and maintains their robust wireless Perimeter Detection Systems throughout Hampshire, Dorset and the rest of Southern England.

The system will protect the entire perimeter of a client’s site or premises. The system has its own GPRS system that communicates with our 24 hour control centre and a security guard, should one be located on site.

One of our most effective security options, it will detect criminals before any attempted entry onto premises and most importantly before any damage is done.

Our deployment of our own response officer will occur during detection and our aim to catch then in the act to prevent any theft or damage, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Perimeter Security Southampton Hampshire

Preventing Damage through variable detection technology

When a security guard is deployed to site on a permanent basis, we can also add individual beams to detect the perimeter, particularly if it’s a large site. Each beam has a unique zone and communicates with the guard to let him know if a breach on the perimeter has occurred, a guard cannot be everywhere, thus again making the site extremely difficult to enter without immediate detection.
Perimeter Detection Security System Hampshire
Wireless Perimeter Beam Security System
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