Manned Guarding Protects Your Property from Intruders

It only takes a cursory look at the crime statistics to know that property-related crime is rife in the United Kingdom. When it comes to security on your property, nothing acts as a deterrent for potential criminals like a human presence on the site. Manned guarding is an ideal way to prevent break-ins; there’s simply no substitute for a human being when it comes to security. Let’s find out more about manned guarding and find out how it can benefit your business.

manned guarding

What is manned guarding?

Manned guarding refers to stationary or mobile guard patrols on a property. A static guard remains on-site permanently while a mobile guard performs patrols at intervals that suit you. These patrols prevent unauthorised individuals from trespassing on the property, protect your building against damage, and take care of security situations before they have a chance to escalate.

How can mobile patrols benefit my business?

Random or Scheduled Patrols

Manned patrols can be organised to suit your business’ need as well as your budget. Opting for static guards to protect your business ensures that your business is secure at all times. Alternatively, opting for randomised mobile patrols will act as a deterrent, as criminals will be unable to schedule their break-in around the guard’s schedule.

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Trained Guards

Manned Guarding ensures that you will have a team of trained and experienced professionals on hand when you need them. Guards will be able to quickly identify any potential threats and deal with them before they have a chance to act. They are also generally trained in fire safety and first aid.

See In Places that CCTV Can’t

When installing CCTV, proper placement is paramount. However, no matter how thoroughly you have thought your placement through, there will likely be some areas that CCTV cameras don’t cover. Manned Guarding and CCTV complement each other perfectly, as guards can scope out the places that the CCTV doesn’t cover while the CCTV keeps tabs on other at-risk places.

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