Things You Didn’t Know About Your Security Camera System

Things You Didn’t Know About Your Security Camera System

A security camera system isn’t a new concept – you’ve been seeing the big, boxy devices in your local bank and shopping centres for decades now. You may even have a few scattered around your property. But what you may not know is all of the cool things modern security cameras can do to keep your property safe. If you’re interested in a smart upgrade to your surveillance system or you’re looking to invest for the first time, this blog will help you understand some of the important new features available to you. Read on to learn more.


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4K Ultra HD

Did you know that surveillance camera technology is directly responsible for you getting to watch the World Cup football on a 4K Ultra HD display? It’s true: much of the development of consumer-grade 4K happened because homeowners wanted a clearer view of the spaces in and around their property. As a result, 4K has become common for home surveillance systems and you stand to benefit.

Motion Detection

When something moves around in your garden or yard, you want to be notified as soon as possible. Modern security cameras can do exactly that – they can send push notifications directly to your smartphone, computer or tablet. That way you remain aware of everything that’s going on around your home at all times.

And you don’t have to worry about your dog or any local foxes blowing up your phones with notifications; pre-set height sensors mean you only receive notifications if the movement is caused by something big enough to be threatening.

Facial Recognition

If you’re concerned about someone you suspect has been hanging around your property too frequently or you want to ensure only authorised people approach your home, facial recognition software can help. The system recognised pre-selected individuals so you can trust you’ll receive an alert if a stranger approaches your home unannounced.

Smart System Integration

Of course, your surveillance cameras are only as effective as the rest of your smart system. You can integrate your cameras to prompt reactions from other smart security features to ensure a safer living environment. For instance, when a stranger approaches (and their face is recorded by the facial recognition software), your automated entry system can lock all exterior-facing doors. If it’s at night, you can flood the area with light via a connected fixture.

You can also connect your surveillance system with non-security based technology. If you’re waiting for the pizza delivery, pull up real-time footage on a connected smart TV to keep an eye on the front door. When he approaches, use an integrated intercom to let him know you’ll be there shortly.

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